A community comes together for Good.

Lyons Community Foundation held its second annual gala/celebration last night and awarded grants to eighteen wonderful organizations, including Sounds of Lyons, Clarifier Project, Community Food Bank, Lyons Elementary School, Redstone Museum and Greenwood Wildlife Rehabilitation Center. The support for the small town of Lyons is huge, as are the hearts of the people who call this quirky, lovely town ‘home’. It is an example of the good that can be created when just a few people have an idea–and it grows and grows.

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Great grant writers

Have you ever wondered what makes a great grantwriter? Here is an article (“ten tips”) from Richard Male and Associates, based in Denver, CO. I especially agree with his tips # 1 (loves to write and can write with passion), #5 (is process-oriented– can pull all of the pieces of the puzzle together) and # 7 (can follow directions well). I’d venture to add one more: #11: Has a good sense of humor. The ability to:

a) laugh at oneself,

b) the often-tedious, hair-pulling process of writing grant proposals, and

c) take the whole thing a little less seriously

comes in handy for a great grantwriter. Or anyone, really, who works in the nonprofit sector.

Check it out:

Traits of a Great Grant Writer: http://www.richardmale.com/richtips/april212005.htm

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