Who We Are

Personal statement from Lori Stott, M.S., the owner and principal of The Next Write Thing.


Lori Stott has degrees in Psychology (A.A., 1984), Communications (B.S., 1987)

and a Masters in Nonprofit Management (M.S., 1997).

I have a passion for working with a wide variety of nonprofit organizations to help them achieve their highest intentions. Freelance grantwriting and consulting has allowed me to learn about everything from interdisciplinary educational models, the visual arts, the value of wilderness experiential education for all people (specifically girls and women, and people with disabilities), the significance of creating public art, social activism, the joy and satisfaction that senior citizens derive from adult education, how horses help people overcome emotional and physical challenges and significant global issues of health care, illiteracy, homelessness and poverty. I love my work… and I think it shows in the time and energy that I devote to each project.

Grantwriting and Prospect Research: I enjoy this work because I learn about many different subjects and work with an amazing variety of people – all people dedicated to and passionate about – their respective fields. Because I am personally interested in so many causes and issues,  I can easily adapt to each organization’s mission.  Grantwriting is a challenge, much like putting together a difficult puzzle. I love the research, the writing and editing and working with people from all levels of the organization. Of course, best of all, is getting the message that the grant proposal was successful. It is a joy to see how program ideas get actualized as grant monies come in.

Communications/Editorial: I also work on speeches, newsletters and corporate communications. I enjoy learning about the people who are involved in organizations and writing their stories to share with community residents, donors and program participants. I have a knack for seeing things clearly and helping people to clarify their ideas in order to create the greatest impact for the organization.

Nonprofit Consulting: With well over 28 years of experience in the nonprofit sector, I have worked for tiny, grassroots start-ups, as well as the largest nonprofit organization in Colorado. My work experience ranges from program development, fundraising, strategic planning, marketing, and board development to event planning, public relations and fiscal management. I created the curriculum for and facilitated a graduate course in Nonprofit Management at the University of Colorado. Some of the organizations I’ve worked for include the University of Colorado, Developmental Disabilities Resource Center, Challenge Alaska, March of Dimes, Wilderness Inquiry, Griffith Center, Wild Plum Center for Young Children and Families and Winds of Change magazine. I work with local organizations in a hands-on manner, as well as organizations based in other locales. I’ve devoted my career to the nonprofit sector. Allow my enthusiasm, skills and experience help your organization to thrive.

The Next Write Thing LLC contracts services with other highly educated and experienced nonprofit professionals as needed for specific projects.