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In Your Corner

The 2011 Colorado NONPROFIT Association Fall Conference and Exhibition is right around the corner. And I’ll be there. In the corner. The Consultants’ Corner, that is.

Here’s how it will work. It will be a little like speed-dating (from what I hear). We’ll have 20 minutes together. I’ll listen carefully to your greatest concerns about your organization, we’ll talk more (fast), and after a quick assessment, I’ll give you my Top 5 Suggestions for Success that you can begin to implement immediately.

I’ll answer to the best of my ability any questions you have about fundraising, strategic planning, board development and just about anything regarding nonprofits that you can throw my way. If I don’t have the answers right away, I will get back to you within the week. Promise.

Hope to see you there from 3:30-5 pm on Monday, October 11. Bring caffeine. For more detailed info, check out www.ColoradoNonprofits.org.

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